Activated carbon is used in many applications. Like purification of gas -, water- , medical- and science application. Using the properties of high adsorption capacity. The carbon can be made of many varieties of carbon containing materials like wood, coconut, oil , sugar and etc. When thes these products are carbonised you can activate them by making the carbon grains more porous . Activation is the process of making a high porosity in the carbon partcles which increases the adsorption capacity of the carbon. The activation can be done by steam, carbon dioxide, oxygen and acids like phosphoric acid . The surface can easily obtain 1000 m2/gram and the pores are depending on the original material that has been used.

The activated carbon of CARBO_ACT international has been made by a very pure raw material and clean circumstances. This activated carbon has a high surface and a low trace elements. This makes the high purity activated carbon very suitable for many applications in scientific research. Such as neutron activation analysis and purification of liquid nitrogen and argon. And many many more applications.

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