In the past many analysis were performed on this HP activated carbon. As there is  a great variety on characteristics which customers ask for , we supply customers with a reduced price sample of 10 grams  exclusive shipment  . So they can do analysis and characterisation on this material themselves.

Here are some results of analysis that has performed in the past. New batches will be likely the same as the process of making this carbon has been standardised. So final control and characterisation is up the the customer.

Grainsizes are :   0.0 mm –  2mm
In some cases grain sizes can be ordered in different sizes .
The price is  € 16.20 per gram .

TRACE elements in carbonThe S-bet specific area is 800-1200 m2/gram.

A higher  surface area of 1200 – 1500 m2/Gram can be obtained by an extra heat treatment with carbondioxidegass. This will reduce the weight of the carbon.  This treatment, however,  is no more performed by us .

High purity carbon grains were analyzed for their radio impurities by means of Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA).The sample was irradiated at the MIT Research Reactor for 12 hours.

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